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 Plymouth-Canton Community Schools is proud to join the 1.2 million students who use this outstanding and extraordinary math program!

Everyday Mathematics is a comprehensive math program for elementary students. Mathematicians, education specialists, administrators and classroom teachers developed the program. This group of specialists examined successful curricula from around the world, explored young children's learning styles and assessed the actual uses of mathematics by most people in their everyday lives and jobs to establish the content scope and sequence for this program. The team spent 11 years researching, developing, field-testing and revising the Everyday Mathematics program. As a result of their work, Everyday Mathematics was developed for elementary students.

In the Everyday Mathematics program, all strands of mathematics are taught throughout a school year. The following strands, which align to the Michigan Curriculum Framework and Grade Level Expectations, are part of this program.

Christina and Mrs. Grisius are measuring in
Mrs. Goodrich's class at Hoben Elementary.

1. Number and Operation
2. Measurement
3. Geometry
4. Data and Probability

The program establishes high expectations for all students. Students engage in mathematical problems that support problem solving and critical thinking. With this program, mathematics becomes part of a student’s world. Students learn to think and communicate mathematically. The basic skills, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are an important part of this program.

When using Everyday Mathematics, students are part of a program that is rigorous, balanced and complete. The program builds on conceptual understanding and mastery of basic skills. The program explores all strands of mathematics. It also supports how students learn and what they are interested in as well as preparing them for the future. To find out more about Everyday Mathematics, visit their website: