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The Michigan Revised School Code (1977) and the State School Aid Act (1979) require the establishment of educational standards and the assessment of students' academic achievement. Accordingly, the State Board of Education, with the input of educators throughout Michigan, approved a system of academic standards and a framework within which local school districts could develop and implement curricula as they see fit.

The Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) tests were developed for the purpose of determining what students know and what students are able to do, as compared to these standards, at key checkpoints during their academic career. Hundreds of educators from throughout Michigan continue to be involved in the development and ongoing improvement of these tests. No other tests measure what is expected of Michigan students, nor measure the performance of Michigan students against established academic standards. 

The MEAP tests have been recognized nationally as sound, reliable and valid measurements of academic achievement. Students who score high on these tests have demonstrated significant achievement in valued knowledge and skill.

Further, the tests provide a common denominator to measure how well students are doing, and to assure that all Michigan students are measured on the same skills and knowledge, in the same way, at the same time.

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