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Annual Reports

Each year, the school Annual Report communicates progress and standing on numerous topics. Some of the items contained in the reports range from an overview of the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) tests, to student activities and details of significant parent and community involvement. The yearly publications provide a means to share the vision and outstanding achievements at each one of our District's schools.


The Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) tests were developed for the purpose of determining what students know and what students are able to do, as compared to these standards, at key checkpoints during their academic career. Hundreds of educators from throughout Michigan continue to be involved in the development and ongoing improvement of these tests.


Measuring Student Success - May 2010 Report


In August 2011, the Michigan Department of Education released a list of Michigan schools, ranked “top to bottom.” This annual ranking is required by federal law in order for states to receive federal education dollars. This is the second year of the requirement. The rankings are based on the following:

• Student achievement.
• Student improvement.
• Achievement gaps between students.
• Graduation rate (high schools only).

The ranking number of each school represents “percentile rank.” A percentile rank depicts the percent of schools that lie below and above a particular school. For instance, if the percentile ranking for a school is 80 percent, that means that 80 percent of the schools on the list rank below it and 20 percent rank above it. Here are P-CCS rankings:

Allen - 83%
Bentley - 91%
Bird - 97%
Canton High School - 86%
Central Middle School - 70%
Discovery Middle School - 91%
Dodson - 85%
East Middle School - 62%
Eriksson - 69%
Farrand - 74%
Fiegel - 52%
Field - 54%
Gallimore - 81%
Hoben - 67%
Hulsing - 83%
Isbister - 95%
Miller - 86%
Pioneer Middle School - 83%
Plymouth High School - 82%
Salem High School - 78%
Smith - 85%
Tonda - 88%
West Middle School - 88%
Workman - 96%