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The Plymouth-Canton Community Schools will educate, tuition-free, students who are legal residents of the District.  P-CCS is generally considered the district of residence for any student in which the student’s parent or legal guardian resides.  P-CCS defines residency as where one sleeps at nights and eats their meals.  Proof of residency, such as a signed lease, a closing statement, or a current property tax statement, is necessary for registration. Acceptable documentation is listed here.  This residency documentation is provided to the school that the student will attend.


Since P-CCS has a strong educational program, many people have expressed a desire to attend our schools, but we are not a school of choice district.  Therefore, we must enforce a strict residency policy.  There are exceptions to the residency law; for example, if a student’s parents reside separately in different districts, they may enroll the student in either district, regardless of which parent has custody.  However, P-CCS will not provide transportation to a student who does not live in the District.  All exceptions to the strict residency regulations are handled through Student Services at the E. J. McClendon Educational Center, 454 S. Harvey Street, Plymouth, MI, 48170, 734-416-2760.


Residency may be reviewed on a random basis, and P-CCS may conduct home visits to determine if residency continues to be accurate.  We are required by law to ensure that the students attending our schools are here because they meet the residency requirements.  If you believe a student is attending P-CCS without proper residency, please call the number above to submit a report.