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One important characteristic of an effective school is a safe and orderly environment. Plymouth-Canton Community Schools is continually striving to provide for the health, safety and security of each student. All students are expected to support the codes of conduct at each school which contribute to the safety of others and provide for maximum learning opportunities.


“It is the policy of the District to provide a safe and nurturing educational environment for all of its students.”
-Board Policy 5517


Respect is the cornerstone of all our interactions and behaviors. We acknowledge the dignity and worth of one another and strive never to diminish another by our conduct or our attitudes. Parents/guardians can encourage their children by supporting the schools’ Code of Conduct and by helping them develop consistent character qualities like respect, courage, integrity and perseverance. P-CCS strongly opposes all forms of harassment and bullying. Although P-CCS strongly supports positive behavior, there are school and legal consequences for student misbehavior listed in the Student Codes of Conduct.