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The P-CCS Board prohibits the use, possession, concealment, delivery, or distribution of any drug or drug-related paraphernalia at any time on District property, within the Drug-Free School zone (which extends 1000’ from the boundary of any school property), or at any District-related event.


Additional SDFS Facts:


  • A “Drug Abuse Prevention Guide” can be found here [PDF]
  • Under the School Health tab of Programs-Services there are two forms which are available for any medication, including over the counter items to be taken at school.
  • Students are never permitted to have medication of any type on their person unless there is an “Authorization for Self-Administered Medicine” form on file.
  • Possession, use or distribution of any type of medication is subject to consequences, as prescribed in the Student Code of Conduct, and may include suspension, police involvement and/or expulsion.
  • All schools in P-CCS are considered “drug free zones.” This includes alcoholic beverage, anabolic steroids, dangerous controlled substances as defined by State statute, or substance that could be considered a “look-alike” controlled substance.
  • P-CCS stresses that the illegal use of drugs is wrong and harmful.
  • In all P-CCS health classes, drug prevention and avoidance is stressed.
  • Growth Works, a local Community Management Organization, provides guidance and support for students in the areas of anger management, social skills, and drug prevention and intervention. Contact Growth Works at 734-495-1722 for an assessment or support.