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 There are a variety of components in the Everyday Mathematics program .

Mathematical games are an important part of the Everyday Mathematics program. They reinforce math facts, computation and provide an alternative form of practice.

Home Links (K-3)/Study Links (4 & 5) provide an important connection between home and school. Most activities require interaction with parents, other adults, or another child. They are designed to provide follow-up and review of skills and concepts, and are an extension of the material covered in the daily lessons.

The journal contains problems and pages on which the children record the results of their activities. It provides a record of mathematical growth over time.

Math Boxes (1st - 5th) are problems for review and practice. They are included as a part of the student journals.

Math Messages are activities provided by teachers for students to complete before the beginning of a lesson.

Minute Math (K-3) or 5-Minute Math (4 & 5) are brief activities. The activities serve as a source of continuous review and provide opportunities for mental problem-solving and arithmetic.

Students use a variety of math tools throughout the year. Ruler, tape measure, geometry template, counters and money are among the items kept in the classroom or in a math tool kit.