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Postcards are sent to each eligible student. Cards should arrive at your home no later than one week before the start of school. The card will list each student’s bus stop location, bus number and the scheduled pickup time.


At P-CCS, most students are required to walk to consolidated bus stops throughout the District. The walk criteria is as follows:

Elementary: Up to 300 yards (1/6 mile)

Middle & High School: Up to 440 yards (1/4 mile)


Students should be at the bus stop at least five minutes before their scheduled pick up time. Students must use only their designated bus stop.

Students need to wait at the bus stop in an orderly fashion and also be careful not to walk on the grass or damage shrub beds. Students should wait at their bus stop in a single line, 15 feet away from the roadway.


Parents, guardians or an authorized person must accompany kindergartners to and from the bus stop. The bus driver is instructed not to leave the kindergartner alone. We do this for your child’s continued safety.


Most bus stops are arranged so that students are picked up on the right hand side of the road.


Bus stops are planned for efficiencies, it is possible that you may not be able to see your child from your home while they are waiting for their school bus. Seeing your student is not part of the criteria in placing bus stops. Please see “Frequently Asked Questions” created by the Michigan Department of Education, found here.