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Kindergartners are picked up and dropped off at consolidated neighborhood stops during the A.M. pickup times and the P.M. drop off times. 


During the first week of school, your child will receive a packet with two Emergency Cards and a Sibling Release Form. Please return the cards and form to your child’s bus driver as soon as possible.

All kindergarten students are to be met at their bus stop by a parent or a person(s) authorized by the completion of the emergency card or sibling release form. Bus drivers are instructed to never leave a kindergarten student alone. In the event that you or your authorized person(s) are not at the bus stop to receive your student, the bus driver has been instructed to radio our dispatch office. A reasonable effort will be made to call the home or a contact person listed on the student’s emergency card. If contact cannot be made, Dispatch will notify your child’s assigned school, the driver will return your child to their school at the end of the bus route to await your arrival.

  • Please instruct your child never to leave their bus until they see you, or a person responsible, at the bus stop.
  • Please practice walking with your child to familiarize him/her with the area surrounding the bus stop and the walk path to and from the bus stop. By familiarizing your child with the area surrounding their bus stop, it will help insure that your child recognizes their bus stop.
  • It is important to attach a name tag to your child’s outerwear and also in or on their backpacks for at least the first month of school. This tag should indicate your child’s name, and school they are attending.

During the first two weeks of school, buses tend to be delayed in arrival and departure – this is not unusual. Schools, drivers, and students are all adjusting to the start of a new school year, please be patient. During this start up period, some parents have chosen to transport their children to and from school until all “kinks” are worked out of the transportation system.

Through the years many parents have stated that they would rather have their child adjust to the idea of going to school first, and later adjust to taking a school bus.


Articles left on buses are usually maintained on each bus for a few days. Following this time period articles are then brought into the Transportation Office and maintained for one month. All items, clothing, book bags, instruments, show and tell items, etc. should always be labeled with your child’s name and school. Please do not send anything on the bus that cannot be safely transported on your child’s lap.



All students (K-12) are to be at their bus stops, ready to board the bus, no later than five minutes prior to scheduled stop times. Designated pick up and drop off points and times, as defined by the district, must be adhered to in order to continue a safe and efficient transportation system. Drivers are not allowed to stop to pick up students anywhere other than designated bus stops.


For a quick reference of general Transportation information, please click here [PDF]