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Unofficial Election Results
May 7, 2013
Plymouth-Canton Community Schools


Location YES NO
Canton Township 6,395 2,582
City of Plymouth 982 487
Northville Township 144 167
Plymouth Township 3,123 2,409
Salem Township 72 91
Superior Township 12 34
Total Votes 10,727 5,770


On May 7, 2013, voters in the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools were asked to consider a bond proposal for facility and site improvements to address student learning, technology, health, safety, and security at our facilities and sites. The district is able to maintain the existing school debt levy (4.1 mills) and offer this bond proposal with ZERO INCREASE to the current tax rate. The total bond issue cost is $114.4 million.


What are the major features of this bond proposal?


Why should this bond program be brought to the voters at this time?


What are the benefits of the bond proposal for residents who don’t have students in the district?


What is the timeline for completion of projects in Bond 2013?


What are the features of the technology upgrades in Bond 2013?


What does one-to-one (1:1) computing mean?


What is “interactive classroom technology?"


Will 1:1 computing devices increase student achievement?


Is there a plan to ensure our investment in these tools is secure?


Given that the useful life of many digital devices is short, how is the cost of technology a bondable expense with a 20-year payoff?


What facility upgrades will be addressed as part of this bond proposal?


Why are we proposing to replace Central Middle School with a new middle school in Canton?


What are the plans for East, West, Discovery and Pioneer Middle Schools?


What will be done with Central Middle School when the school moves out?


What about the pool at Central? What will happen to it if the school is closed?


How can you build a new school when enrollment is going down?


Why do we need new buses?


Why are we planning to purchase buses with bond proceeds?


What is the breakdown of total estimated costs for the bond program?


What will happen if the bond issue is defeated in May?


Economically, why is this a good time for a bond proposal?


What is the impact of Bond 2013 to our current millage rate?


How will the projects be implemented?


Why doesn’t the school district use the general fund to pay for all of this?


Explain what bond money can cover and what it can’t.


Will money from the bond proposal be used to pay teachers’ salaries and benefits?










Informational Handout


Presentation Slides 


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Technology Improvements - Detailed Information


Middle School -  Detailed Information

Financial Impact - Detailed Information


How will the Bond impact my neighborhood school?






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