Kimberly Villarosa, who has spent her entire educational career at the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park, has been named principal of Salem High School.

She started her educational career at Canton High School in 1995 as a business education teacher and taught until 2007. As a teacher she served on the committee that designed Plymouth High School, developed and implemented three advanced computer courses, and designed and led staff development.


This is a notice to residents of Wayne County in the State of Michigan that Plymouth-Canton Community Schools will be accepting nonresident students under Section 105:

On August 5, 2014, voters in Wayne County will be asked to consider a school enhancement millage.  For information, please see the attached FAQ.

Kimberly May, who has been an elementary school principal for more than a decade, the last six years at Gallimore Elementary School in Canton, has been appointed Director of State and Federal Programs for Plymouth-Canton Community Schools. In her new role, Ms. May will oversee all of the district’s state and federally funded and mandated programs, such as Title 1, Title III, Academic Interventions and Supports and Achievement Gap Accountability.