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You are invited to attend Plymouth-Canton Community Schools’ Report to the Community on Monday, September 15 at 7 p.m. in the Plymouth High School cafeteria.

We have monitored enrollment and made administrative recommendations, approved by the Board of Education, to address this situation. For kindergarten classrooms with 20-23 students, we will staff 1.5 hours of paraprofessional support per day; for classrooms with 24-27 students, 3 hours of support per day. Our human resources department will be working with union leadership to fill these positions as soon as possible.

We were sad to learn that Mrs. Tonda passed away on Thursday morning.


Flossie and her family moved to the Plymouth-Canton area in 1969. She shared her interest in education by participating in school organizations. Her first district-wide involvement was as a representative on the school's district's Safety Committee. She eventually became president of this organization.


The groundbreaking for the new middle school was scheduled for September 11, but due to scheduling conflicts will be postponed.  We aplogize for the confusion.

My theme for the 2014-2015 school year is a “Pledge and a Promise,” which I am discovering has many applications. My overarching pledge is that every student in our district will be career and college ready when s/he leaves our district. To that end, I promise full attention to a viable curriculum, culturally responsive instruction, and professional learning communities. We understand, however, that those words only carry meaning when supported by concrete action down to the most minute detail.